eat like you care
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Why & Who

Copia Green’s mission is simple and clear. To create and serve inspiring vibrant sweet & savoury dishes bursting with flavour and nourishing in nutrients.

To make it onto our menu each ingredient needs to be organic, seasonal or sustainable.  We aim to use 75% organic and Irish produce throughout the year.

All our dishes are influenced by the seasons focusing on a plant-based lifestyle with options to cater for organic carnivores, vegans and everyone in between.

We source our meats from organic Irish farmers. We only use organic Irish eggs and dairy. Our fish is sustainably sourced.

We don’t use refined or hydrogenated oils, refined sugars, bleached flour, additives or preservatives. We don’t cook with butter.

We ferment. We preserve. We soak. We sprout. We brew. We burp. We activate. We innovate. We educate.

We attempt to reduce the amount of waste we produce as much as possible and strive to be a zero-waste business.

Our waste is divided into three categories: compost, recycle, and waste. We aim to throw away less than one bag of waste per day.

Copia Green’s commitment to sustainability is conscious in every business decision we make along the consumption life-cycle; what we choose, purchase, consume and discard.

We are purposefully creating an impact that lasts and redefining what an eatery can be.

Copia Green is the brainchild of Pat O’Sullivan, managing director of Masterchefs Hospitality.

Copia Green’s packaging is 100% compostable and made from sugarcane residue and/or corn starch.

We use non-chemical eco-friendly cleaning products in our kitchen to wash our dishes, dining space and in our bathrooms.

We want to have the discussion about our food choices. What we choose to put in our bodies. The good and not so good.

Each of us is divinely unique and discovering what works best for YOUR BODY can only be discovered by being open to listening and experimenting.

We almost forgot. Our j-cloths, teabags, hand towels and toilet rolls are biodegradable. We even use 100% compostable pens to take your order on recycled paper. Naturally.