Timi's Top Tips For Reducing Food Waste At Home

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On the face of it, beginning your own zero waste journey can sound like a very daunting prospect. So, to help get you started, we’ve teamed up with zero waste living advocate and blogger, Timi Nicholson, as part of ‘Zero Waste Week’ to bring you her top tips for reducing food waste at home.

Meatless Monday’s - replace meat with lentils/tofu/chickpeas etc to add protein to your dishes. To take the hassle out of remembering to soak the pulses the night before, soak and cook them in big batches, create portions and freeze them in jars. I like to make smaller batches than what you usually get in a standard tin - I find that I never use up the whole tin for any one dish.

Takeaway tips - talk to the Manager at your local takeaway to see if they are happy to serve you in your own container. This can be awkward first, but then it just becomes the norm.:

Ordering pizza is usually the safest option in terms of waste. The pizza box can be put into your brown/compost bin, but not the recycling bin because it will no doubt have been soiled with grease

Ditch the bottled water. - instead of fizzy water, buy a soda stream. If you don't like the taste of tap water, make water infused with lemons/herbs/berries - there are lots of very tasty options combinations you can try. If the water that comes out of your tap isn’t safe enough to drink then opt for the biggest available container you can buy to reduce waste.

Be thrifty:

1) Instead of small and expensive kids yoghurts, buy natural yoghurt in the biggest pot available and add your own fruit.

2) Ditch shop bought snacks and biscuits and: make your own at home. Kids really enjoy making things like biscuits and crackers. However, if you don’t have time, buy nuts and dried fruit instead which can be bought in bulk to reduce waste (nutsinbulk.ie)

3) Create a meal plan for the week and only buy what you need. If you go to the supermarket with no plans you are bound to buy more and waste more as a result.

Freeze without plastic - it is possible to freeze food without zip lock bags. Use glass jars instead. Leave an inch at the top for expansion. Never put hot food in the freezer, let it cool completely before hand. Bigger items that won't fit in a jar can be covered with greaseproof paper. Check out the "if you care" brand - they make a version that can be home composted.

For more advice on how to live a zero waste lifestyle, check out Timi’s blog, www.simplenowastelife.com or follow her on Instagram.

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Chris Towers